What makes a great DJ ? Is it his/her ability to drive their crowd wild, dance like there is no one watching and groove til the sun comes up? Meet Joseph Esshaki. Ever since he was a child the dance floor was his home. Those who know him will tell you headphones were like a body part and music is his passion. Encouraged by his loved ones he broke through to pursue his insatiable love of House & Techno. Born in the Metro Detroit on November, 3rd, 1986 this Detroit native defies all expectations of stylized tunes. With a Middle Eastern flare, he will give to you an exotic outlook and dance inspired sound. Specializing in many different genres House, Techno, Funk, Latin, and Afro beats you are sure to find a place for him at any event. Esshaki’s talents have granted him resident title at the world renowned (Grasshopper Underground in Downtown Ferndale , Michigan ) He hosts the event Tropical Techno Tuesday. ESSHAKI won the hearts of numerous fans an businesses alike. CousCous Cuisine took the liberty to collaborate with him to bring festive flavors to compliment his sound and create an experience for those who can’t make the weekend fun.

Esshaki’s has ranged The famous Detroit late night warehouses scene all the way to headlined concerts. He has even showcased his talents to beach parties in the middle of the water! ESSHAKI stands by his motivational moral that music can bring people together on the dance floor , for good music is indiscriminate !! The man behind the name is not to far in character, those close to him will source his humble nature and enthusiasm make him as captivating as his sound. So what drove this talent to this industry, he will share that isn’t was his infuriating passion for music along with the initial encouragement of his life partner and family. Accompanied by mentor ship by none other than Electronic music producer Tony Nova!

From the heart of downtown clubs to world stages ESSHAKI has excelled quickly since his up and coming last year publicly. Now he is traveling the world in less then a year. For more info on ESSHAKI contact his page directly to be connected with his representatives and remember:

“MUSIC IS THE ANSWER TO YOUR PROBLEMS!” – ESSHAKI – Contact Joe via Facebook for booking and info click here.